Bevel cutting becomes child's play
Many companies cut their products first with a perpendicular cut. Afterwards they will mill or cut their product manually. This is very labour-intensive and the production costs are very high.


Stako is one of few companies who created a perfect and programmable solution. It is called bevel cutting or cutting in angle. This rotating cutting head can do any job and safes a lot of time.

This Stako bevel cutting enables you to make very accurate cuts. You can manage this with the AC digital servo control. With the plasma process you can cut up to a thickness of 65 mm and with an oxy fuel process you can cut up to a thickness of 300 mm.

The oxy fuel bevel cutting device can be prepared with one, two and even three cutting torches. These can be fully programmed to cut V, X and K curves including side compensation.

By using a software module a slope angle including the corner loops can be simply programmed. The bevel cutting system is also available for water jet cutting. Also for this Stako is your specialist.

Please have a look at our topic News for our 3D Pantograph cutting head. Thé bevel cutting solution! As well for Oxyfuel and Plasma cutting!


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