With us, your investment goes hand in hand with good service. 

Service that suits you

Investing in a machine is done with intelligence. With us, your investment goes hand in hand with good service. Stako has its own technical service department. A team of professionals with years of experience. The technical service of Stako is available seven days a week. So you will not encounter unpleasant surprises. Whether it is about maintenance, calamities or failures, our skilled team will offer you correct and fast service and optimal support.


Please contact us for an appointment with Stako's technical service department.


Customer support on your computer


Stako provides remote support at your workplace. This makes it possible for us to watch your workstation and, where necessary, take over or give instructions.

For this support, we use the Netviewer programme, which you need to download and open. Together with our support employee, who is on the phone with you, you adjust the application so that contact can be made via a secure 128-bit encrypted connection. This connection prevents third parties from viewing the application.

By accepting the use of this software, you also give your consent for your workplace to be made visible to our Stako B.V. support staff.


Support for applications: Mr. Bjorn Polman

Support of the Burny® or Machine: Mr. Antoon Verheijen


Phone number: +31 (0)24 648 82 50

Download the program

Service and after-sales are the top priorities for Stako, in addition to innovation and quality.