Your wish is our machine! With our diverse and specialized machines Stako has distinguished herself from other suppliers in the market. This has made Stako one of the leaders in constructing “Special CNC Cutting Machines” worldwide.

Stako has specialised itself as a builder of custom tailored machines. Taking our machines to the next level or developing an entirely new product, completely suited to your needs.

Combine water jet with plasma; water jet with milling; a decoiler with fiberlaser printing and even more. Automation in the plate supply, disposal and handling system allows you to drop labour costs and push boundaries. Give us your specifications and be amazed!

Examples of Stako Special Engineering:
- An economic water jet/plasma cutting machine
- Dry aluminium milling with an automated load and unload system
- A fully isolated Magnum cutting machine equipped with automatic positioning water cutting tables
- A double extra wide Magnum machine that can cut 1000 mm raw steel in a steel rolling plant
- A Magnum XL with double Roto oxy fuel burner carrier equipped digital height control with a measurement accuracy of 0,01mm
- A fully automatic pipe and profile cutting system
- A CNC controlled laser-cutting combination machine (laser welding and cutting) guided by camera’s
- Specialized 2D and 3D- cutting through our different types of torch lifters.


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