Trium - Proof of versatility

If the influence of temperature during the cutting process creates possible problems or if your company requires to cut different kind of materials, Stako is presenting the Trium: The water jet cutting machine.

The cut is made with high water pressure. By adding abrasive the machine can work very punctually and quick.

The Trium cuts almost everything. Metal, wood, glass, plastic, stone, etc. An option is to provide the machine with a stainless steel table. This is a garantee for lasting a very long time. All gliders are protected by bellows for the water and the abrasive.

This machine is mostly used in companies who want to cut various kinds of materials.

Air and astronautics
Machine building
Special products
Technical education
Job cutting centres
Yacht building
Natural stone treatment

Compact and solid machine
High precision: water jet
High cutting speed: plasma
Versatile by the use different processes
Water table
Controlled by AC-servo motors
Automatic abrasive unit
Operator friendly by using touch screen CNC controller
Stand-alone operation


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