Trium WPC

The Trium WPC – Economic custom made

Besides the Trium waterjet cutting machine Stako BV also has the Trium WPC (Water Plasma Combination) in its assortment. This form of cutting is widely becoming popular thru-out the world.

The Trium WPC is a cutting machine that combines two modern cutting techniques. The waterjet cutting technique  offers high accuracy and is suitable for almost all materials. The plasma used for electrical conductive materials, cuts at a higher speed compared to the waterjet, however, the accuracy of the waterjet  exceeds that of the plasma cutting process  The WPC is the ideal solution for companies with a high frequency of cutting steel, stainless steel or aluminium, wherein a post process is required. The WPC cuts at its best where the tolerance is of up most importance leaving you with a high quality and precise end product. Usually the product is pre-cut on the waterjet. By introducing the Trium WPC to your business you will be achieving a cost reduction of up to 70%

The Trium WPC is rapid and beneficial when cutting with plasma , but is suitable for virtually all materials when using the high pressured waterjet.

Air and astronautics
Machine Building
Special products
Technical education
Job cutting centres
Yacht building
Natural stone treatment

Cutting without heat input (water)
Cutting with high speed (plasma)
Very high accuracy
Automatic abrasive removal
Completely made of stainless steel
“stand alone” employable  


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