Plate cutting machines

Stako CNC cutting machines are well known for their high quality. We hope to give you, a complete image of our range of CNC cutting machines and cutting possibilities bellow.

Initium Vrijstaand

Initium - The foundation for flexibility in every work shop

AvaIlable with a 1.500 x 3.000 mm cutting area and cutting capacity of metal materials up to 60 MM Thickness!


Spektrum  Greatness by performance

The Spektrum offers, by using an integrated track, a compact solution which can be mounted within your production process in a short amount of time.


Econum- one step ahead to other machines

The Econum is an industrial CNC controlled cutting machine, suitable for plasma and oxy fuel cutting. The separated rail offers, besides a solid machine base, the possibility to choose between a dry cutting table and a water table.


Trium - Proof of versatility

If the influence of temperature during the cutting process creates possible problems or if your company requires to cut different kind of materials, Stako is presenting the Trium: The water jet cutting machine.

Trium WPC

The Trium WPC – Economic custom made

Besides the Trium waterjet cutting machine Stako BV also has the Trium WPC (Water Plasma Combination) in its assortment. This form of cutting is widely becoming popular thru-out the world.


Novum- Welcome to the top segment

The Novum is one of Stako’s heavier machines. This compact machine with integrated green label water table is commonly used for the most diverse (plasma and oxygen) cutting jobs.

Magnum cutting machine

Magnum - The solid masterpiece of Stako

The Magnum is our powerhouse. This robust Stako machine is made for every heavy duty cutting job and operates in the most demanding industries.


Signum - Simply better than the rest

The Signum is equipped with high quality guiderail in both X and Y axes and offers a great solution for fast and wide machine builds.


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