GreenLabel water cutting table

Large energy-saving cutting table for oxyfuel cutting on water and plasma cutting under water.

General description GreenLabel cutting table:

Cutting with plasma and oxyfuel creates dust and fumes that are very well bound in the GreenLabel water cutting table. The robust and energy-efficient water cutting table consists of a reservoir with air tank, support frame and cutting grids. By means of pushing overpressure in the lower part of the table, the water is forced to the desired height. The table contains cutting grids, which are divided into sections. The advantage of this is that they can be easily removed. The cutting grids are interchangeable and easy to replace in case of damage. The slag can optionally be collected in slag containers. To clean these containers, they can be removed with a crane and emptied (tipped). Another option is the Stako disposal system, which automatically removes the slag from the table,


Our tables are designed so that they can be easily expanded in the future.
For larger cutting tables, it is possible to implement several independent language sections. Which can be controlled separately, also for different processes


Ideal for plasma and oxy-fuel cutting or combination with water jet

Noise and radiation for the machine operator and his working environment are significantly lower compared to dry plasma cutting systems.

Therefore, underwater plasma cutting is recommended by the legislator as a particularly safe and environmentally friendly system.


Ideal for oxyfuel and plasma cutting

The GreenLabel water cutting table is also ideal for cutting with heat processes through melting, because the water cools down the high temperatures of the material and this effect is positive against material deviations. This means better and more accurate products that also have a strong effect on V K and X chamfers. Especially the heat affected area is much less, so good for finishing operations like drilling and milling.


Example with green label table and oxifluel truncation process

Advantages of the GreenLabel water cutting table:

- Binding of dust and smoke by water

- Machine and environment remain clean from smoke and greasy air

- Remarkable noise reduction of up to 80% in underwater plasma cutting

- Fast water levelling - regardless of the table volume

Example of savings potential:

Example of a compact cutting plant with green label table


Price of a filter system: approx. 15,000 Euro and often higher as an investment
With 15-20 KW

Saving on energy and consumption costs:

Service/maintenance per year min. 1,500 Euro (without major repairs)

Filter consumption Filter per year min. 3,000 to 6,000 Euro

Energy costs: 1 KW/h costs on average for an industrial customer
approx. Euro 0.24

15 KW x 0.24 Euro x 8 hours = approx. 28.80 Euro

in 1 week 144 Euros,
in 1 year 7,200 Euros

Minimum savings on incidental costs per year: 11,700 Euros!


With increasing age for a dry cutting table, the suction power decreases significantly through use due to leakage caused by valves. This means a gradual increase in air pollution in the environment.
This can often be seen in a building where the cutting machine is placed, which therefore becomes dirty, in contrast to a green label water table which still leaves a clean hall after 10 years of intensive use. We construct all dimensions, transport can take place in parts!


Example of a compact cutting plant with green label table

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