The year of 2015 has endedpositively for Stako. Short before the end of the year, Stako accomplished three very interesting assignments which we are very proud of.

Last week we’ve had the proud scoop to deliver the first Stako Initium cutting machine! The Initium is developed for companies who have, investing in flexibility, as mean goal.

Our relation with a Dutch background, has been active as a steel supplier in Poland for many years. To serve customer specific request, this customer has invested in a Stako Econum cutting machine. The cutting job will mainly be focussed on the construction build, which is still a growing market in Poland.

This satisfied customer was using a Stako machine for many years, but during regular contacts and service visits was clear that some of the components and techniques where getting pretty old. This resulted in the fact that the cutting quality by certain contours was lagged and because of problems with ordering the older parts, the level of service could not be guaranteed.

In corporation with our motivated partner, a well know international manufacturer of devices and world leader in special devices, was convinced to purchase our mobile pipe cutting machine the ARB2500D.

It is always a great pleasure to install a new machine in our own region, within in a 5 minute driving distance we have delivered a new Stako Spektrum. Besides the confidence in machine quality, this nearby cooperation offers our customer great benefits looking at service response time and travel cost.

Magnum Plasma cutting machine with Manuel torch adjustment

Again we have achieved to successfully install Stako cutting machine.

This organisation has been offered a great cutting solution to produce there high quality kettle / tank floors and special parts for locks and pressed products.

At the request of the customer we have fulfilled a complete machine demonstration in our showroom, showing all possible machine feature and techniques. Especially the true hole technology and the use of water table where convincing and making the difference to other competitors. Taken the company high demand on construction work, the low material heat influences and excellent bolt holes where decisive.

After several years’ experience with water jet cutting , this customer decided to invest in a plasma cutting machine to realize a higher production capacity.

Delivery and commissioning of a oxyfuel CNC cutting machine

During the end of February 2015 Stako BV has delivered, to our loyal customer C&M Stahl, a brand new CNC cutting machine equipped with 6 Oxyfuel cutting heads and a cutting area of 6.000x27.000mm. Because the existing cutting table was still in very good condition, the CNC cutting machine could be placed on the existing cutting table and track.


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