Stako BV was founded in 1986 by Wim Peters and, as befits a true family business, was taken over in 2007 by his son Markus Peters. at 2019 there is a new board.

Stako BV started out in 1986 as a sevice provider for wellknown cutting machine suppliers. Because of the expertise and experience gained in this period, Stako developed and grew in the design and construction of cutting machines. The first Stako CNC cutting machine came out in 1989! This machine was very successful and Stako's reputation grew outside the Netherlands. In addition to the headquarters in Wijchen,  an extra location was opened in 1994  in the Ruhr area in Germany.  Stako has since been active outside the Benelux and until now has delivered machines all over the world.


Here are some developments over the years.

  • 1989 development CNC controlled cutting machine oxyfuel with software; 
  • 1998 development plasma cutting machine Magnum;
  • 2001 development pipe cutting machine in combination with plate cutting machine;
  • 2001 development waterjet cutting machine;
  • 2002 development automatical bevel cutting;
  • 2005 development rotoplasma cutting for the Magnum;
  • 2006 commissioning particularly of Nestingsoftware StakoNest;
  • 2008 development de Omnium;
  • 2010 development, the pipe and profile cutting machine - Variprofile;
  • 2011 development Pantograph, Millingcenter and 3D Cutting;
  • 2013 development, Lateral, Tangential cutting;  
  • 2014 commissioning of a Stako "special engineering project", a machine for cutting heavy profile beams, with three oxy-fuel torches in a "T-arrangement"; 
  • 2015 Stako introduces the "Initium" - a small compact machine with various options. Choice of Plasma and / or oxy-fuel and with the option of a marking unit; 
  • 2016 Commissioning of a heavy duty machine for a customer in India, equipped with ten oxy fuel torches with automatic height measurement and integrated ignition, also the possibility for powder marking;
  • 2016 Commissioning of a  special Trium water jet cutting machine, equipped with a Pantograph (Bevel Cutting) with interchangeable head for plasma and oxy fuel bevelling and water jet abarsive cutting head; 
  • 2017 Engineering, development and delivery of a Stako Magnum "XXL" with a high degree of automation for flame cutting. Thanks to customer-specific programming of the Stako flame cutting system, it is possible to cut three heavy plates simultaneously with six torches. In addition to the cutting process, this system, which has a cutting area of ​​8.000 x 30.000 mm, is equipped with marking tools and a water cutting table; 
  • 2018 Delivery and commissioning of a Magnum XL in exchange for a Magnum that "has made its mileage". The new system with pantograph bevel cutting unit was built in such a way that the existing water cutting table with a working area of ​​5.000 x 15.000 mm could continue to be used;
  • 2019 This year three Initium cutting systems designed for plasma and oxy-fuel cutting processes were delivered;
  • 2020 Engineering, development and delivery and commissioning of a Magnum XL cutting system with a work area of ​​4.000 x 9.000 mm. This system was equipped for plasma cutting with a Kjellberg HiFocus power source and a laser sensor with software to scan products and to create a cutting data record from this scan in order to be able to cut this product or a counterpart.



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