Varipiper Slicer

Varipiper - For those who think ahead

The Varipiper has proven itself worldwide. Over the years, the Varipiper has been continuously developed into the optimal solution for 3D pipe cutting.

By using high-quality materials such as the self-centring claw head, guide track, burner carriage, hydraulic pipe support and touch screen CNC controller, the Varipiper offers the optimum result in operational reliability and production efficiency.

User-friendliness, reliability, high economy and an optimal end product are simply a guarantee due to many years of experience!


  • Offshore related, platform development
  • Shipbuilding
  • Tank / boiler production
  • Pipeline realisation
  • Crane/bridge construction


  • 3D pipe cutting
  • Standard working length 3000 mm
  • High efficiency thanks to extended frame
  • 3D-CNC controller (12 programmable axes) with standard contours, fast programming
  • Complete production suitable products (welding edges, connections and abbreviations).
  • Highly effective smoke/gas extraction
  • Suitable for Plasma
  • Suitable for oxyfuel