ARB Slicer

ARB 1500D / 2500D - the sophisticated solution

Stako has developed the ARB for cutting centric/excentric holes, cut-offs and connections, with or without beveling, in tube profiles.

The compact design makes the ARB mobile, making it ideal for on-site cutting. The digital control prevents human errors and saves a lot of time in the pre- and post-processing of materials.

The ARB is available in several variants:
ARB 1000 (maximum hole diameter 1000mm)
ARB 1500 (maximum hole diameter 1500mm)
ARB 2500 (maximum hole diameter 2500mm)


  • Offshore related
  • Construction work
  • Tank/boiler production
  • Pipeline realisation


  • Automatic contour cutting
  • Mobile setup, cutting on site
  • Direct bevel cutting possible
  • No need for lengthy pre- and post-processing
  • Suitable for plasma cutting
  • Suitable for oxyfuel cutting

There are also rental possibilities.