Trium Slicer

Trium - proof of versatility

Wherever heat input is a detrimental side-effect of the cutting process or there is a need to cut many different materials, Stako presents the Trium, the waterjet cutting machine.

Materials are cut by means of water pressure. By adding abrasive to the water, the cutting machine can cut very accurately and quickly.

In contrast to all other separation processes, you cut with water without any thermal or mechanical influence. This means that cold cutting avoids even the smallest thermal or mechanical influence and therefore has no effect on the shaping and chemical properties of the material.

The Trium is an all-purpose cutter. This machine cuts metal, wood, glass, plastic, stone, etc. It is possible to fit the cutting table with stainless steel. Stainless steel is a guarantee for a long life. All guides are protected against water and abrasives by folding bellows. This machine is mainly used by companies that want to cut different materials.


  • Aeronautics and Space
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Special products
  • Technical education
  • Wage-cutting companies
  • Yacht construction
  • Natural stone processing companies



  • Compact and solid composition
  • High cutting precision: water jet
  • High cutting speed: plasma
  • Several process combinations possible, e.g. water jet/milling
  • Water table
  • Driven by AC servo motors
  • Automatic abrasive discharge
  • Touchscreen CNC controller for user-friendly operation
  • Stand-alone use