Signum Slicer

Signum - Better than the rest

Stako's Signum, with its high-quality lateral and longitudinal guides, is a good solution for fast, wide-ranging machines. The Signum is often equipped with several cutting heads and is suitable for both plasma and fibre laser cutting.

Due to a very precise V-guiding system mounted on the aluminium profiles, the machine offers maximum performance at all operating speeds and in all materials.

Modern technology, light weight (even with a cutting width of 4500 mm) and high-quality guidance make the Signum simply better than the rest.


  • Construction work
  • Steel production
  • Yacht and Shipbuilding
  • Wage-cutting companies
  • Wind turbine production



  • Robust composition, suitable for heavy loads
  • High-quality V-guiding in both the transverse and longitudinal directions
  • Plasma and fibre laser
  • Versatile by using combined cutting processes
  • Dry suction table and/or water table
  • Multiple use of 3D cutting techniques
  • Driven by AC servo motors
  • High accuracy
  • Separate careers
  • Touchscreen CNC controller for user-friendly operation
  • Various process options possible
  • Stand-alone use