Novum cutting machine

Novum - Welcome to the premium segment

The Novum is one of Stako's heavier machines. This compact cutting machine with integrated automatic green label water table is frequently used in the most diverse (plasma and oxy-fuel) cutting jobs.

All modern requirements such as environmental friendliness, economic efficiency and an optimal working environment are optimally fulfilled by this machine. The Novum guarantees a modern and well-considered investment!


  • Construction work
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Steel production
  • Yacht and Shipbuilding
  • Wage-cutting companies



  • Environmentally friendly and economical cutting in and on water (Green Label)
  • Plasma and oxy-fuel cutting
  • Versatile by using combined cutting processes
  • 3D cutting techniques, Pantograph, Nobel-X
  • Driven by AC servo motors
  • High accuracy
  • Solid machine with running water table
  • Touch screen CNC controller for easy operation
  • Various process options possible such as: marking, drilling, tapping
  • Standalone operation