Magnum Slicer

Magnum - The robust masterpiece of Stako

The Magnum is the workhorse of Stako! This robust machine is suitable for every 'heavy duty' cutting job and excels frequently in heavy industry.

The multiple composition with several cutting heads, whether or not in 3D, prove that the Magnum is the CNC machine for demanding cutting work.


  • Construction work
  • Steel production
  • Yacht and Shipbuilding
  • Wage-cutting companies
  • Wind turbine production



  • Robust composition, suitable for heavy loads
  • Suitable for plasma and/or oxyfuel cutting (automatic injection up to 150 mm!)
  • Versatile by using combined cutting processes
  • Dry suction table and/or water table
  • Multiple use of 3D cutting techniques
  • Driven by AC servo motors
  • High accuracy
  • Separate careers
  • Touch screen CNC controller for easy operation
  • Marking options possible
  • Standalone operation